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Dear Inspired Author,

Depending on who you ask, around 70% of people want to write a book.

If you’re reading this page then you probably believe that your words, experiences, creativity and stories have meaning and value.

Certainly significance to you, but also the ability to positively impact thousands…millions of lives around the world.

The truth is: They DO… and hearing from readers that your book made a difference in their lives is the most rewarding feeling of all.

The full truth is that of this 70% of aspiring authors, less than 1% actual do put in the time and energy to write a book.

And that’s a shame…

What happens if you are like the vast majority of people who have thought “I have a book inside me that is meant to come out” but live through each year with it stuck inside you?

What happens if you ask the wrong questions, like “Who am I to write a book…” or “Who am I to put myself out there as an expert…” or – the worst one of all, a simple “No one cares about my story?”

The truth is that before YOU care about your story, it is hard to envision others caring as well.

You see, writing, publishing and promoting your book is a process that builds momentum over time. Just like a freight train that takes a massive amount of energy to go from standstill up to being in motion…

But as momentum builds and your author experience begins to pick up steam, it takes less and less energy to go faster.

Soon enough, you’re at a cruising speed and just coasting on momentum alone you could smash through a brick wall and not get derailed.

That is the power of putting in the work, consistently, over time!

Eventually it gets way easier though, to the point where you will have more opportunities than you have time and you get to only choose the ones you love the most.

But just like a train at standstill, just beginning to move could be stopped cold by a single brick placed in front of the wheel. That is the same way we sell ourselves short by asking “Who am I to…” and not even starting.

The right answer is to get writing. Get into action, receiving ideas and support from those who have done it before, and staying accountable to your goals – keeping in mind at all times that the right question is not “Who am I to?” but “Who can this help?”

Shifting the focus from your own doubts and insecurities to who will be inspired, helped and served with your book.

Shifting the focus to the outcomes you want to create, and away from the obstacles in the way.

This is harder to do in the early stages, before you have real-world validation that you are making an impact through making sales of your book, but it becomes a pillar of strength once you have a readership and community that benefits from your book, business and brand.

That is Why I Created The Author to Entrepreneur Experience

Over the last 5 years I have worked with literally hundreds of authors like you to create, publish and promote a book you can be proud of for years to come.

And to use that book to build a thriving business and brand that allows you to do more of what you love for more people, creating more of the type of world you want to live in.

Through my publishing company Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press, I have published 50+ books, nearly all of which have become #1 best-sellers on Amazon.

It has been very rewarding to help authors’ dreams come true. To help authors like yourself elevate from that 70% of people who dream of writing a book, the the top 1% who actually do.

Now our publishing company is all grown up with national (and international!) distribution and the ability to get books on shelves wherever books are sold.

So, after 5 years of working with authors every day and publishing dozens of books, I am excited to share the exact process we have refined to create and launch best-selling books in The Author to Entrepreneur Experience.

What Will I Learn in The Author to Entrepreneur Experience?

When you register to join The Author to Entrepreneur Experience you and I will work together over the coming 8-weeks to rapidly accelerate your writing, publishing and promotions.

I will personally walk you through the process of creating your book – conceiving, structuring and writing the content – as well as how to view your book as your best business and brand development resource.

  • You will learn how to launch your book the right way and become a #1 best-seller on Amazon, and I’ll peel back the curtain and show you the actual campaigns and strategies I’ve used to publish over 25 #1 best-selling books on Amazon
  • You will learn how to position your book and yourself as an author in a way that grows your readership, builds an audience for your work and allows you build a sustainable business doing what you love
  • Over 8 weeks of interactive training sessions you will learn the entire process from A to Z, and you will have the chance to ask questions and interact with me personally along the way
Not only that…

The Author to Entrepreneur Experience is highly interactive and you will get to know the community of authors I’ve published at Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press, who love helping authors like yourself achieve your goals and who gladly share their experiences so you don’t make the same mistakes they made.

In short – this is the one time in 2018 when I am going to teach my entire process online to a group going through the experience together.

This isn’t an “evergreen” training program, where you just see pre-recorded videos of me teaching. This is an interactive experience that combines expert trainings, live calls with me and “done for you” services by my award-winning team.

As you’ll see when your book gets closer to Launch Day, receiving support from others is what makes the difference between a flop and The Top of the Charts.

Here is What You Will Learn Each Week in The Author to Entrepreneur Experience

Module 1 Complete a Book You Will Be Proud of For Years to Come

In this training you will learn the many different ways to create your book’s manuscript. This is where all great best-sellers begin; words on a page and the stories in between the lines.

You will learn how to outline and structure your book to make the writing process effortless, as well as the many tactics and strategies I put into place with Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press authors such as interviews, which are transcribed and edited to become nearly-complete book content.

Using these strategies you will be able to reduce the time to write your book by 50% or more and understand how to create 2,000+ words of book-ready content in around 30-minutes per day.

Module 2 Cover Design and Interior Layout Mastery

Let’s face it, the world WILL judge your book by it’s cover. So it’s got to be good! Don’t make the mistake of so many independent authors by short-changing your book’s prospects with a poor cover design.

In week two you will learn how to make your book cover literally reach out and grab potential readers, making your cover design irresistible. Then once readers pick up your book, the interior layout and design will delight them as they read through the words that bare your heart and soul.

I’ll teach you how to engage dozens of talented designers to showcase their ideas for your book for much cheaper than you’d ever imagine and how to create a publish-ready book in all major formats (paperback, hardcover, electronic and audio versions).

Module 3 Building Your Launch Team to Pre-Launch Your Book Like a Boss

Now that you have a best-seller worthy book, it’s time to build a launch team that will be your core supporters through Launch Day. You will learn the right way to engage friends and family, as well as how to find new readers and fans interested in supporting your launch.

I will showcase the exact campaigns my team and I have used to prepare for launching dozens of books and I’ll introduce you to a few guest experts that have refined book launches down to a science so you don’t make any rookie mistakes and do it all right the first time.

You will learn a repeatable and scalable strategy to engage supporters for not only your book launch, but also the development of your book-based business and brand.

Module 4  Establishing Your Online Presence and Building Your Influence and Authority

As you get closer to launching your book, it is the perfect time to upgrade your online presence to reflect where you are going…which of course is straight to the top of the charts!

This week you will choose a channel of communication that leverages your personality and style to build your audience and establish your credibility and authority in your genre or industry.

Whether you like public speaking, interviews, writing guest articles and blog posts, or shooting videos, you will see all the options out there to build an audience and choose the ones that are right for you, so you build momentum towards launch with consistent, clear communication and engagement.

Module 5 Book LAUNCH: The Two Words That Will Change Your Life

The plans have been laid, your audience eager and ready, now the day is here at last! Your Launch Day marks both the end of an epic journey, as well as the beginning of your book’s life in the market.

You will learn how to execute a best-seller launch for your book and join the rarefied air of #1 best-selling authors who have distanced themselves from the 70%+ of people who only dream of writing a book, entering the 1% who actually do.

I will share real-world example after best-selling example of book launch campaigns we have executed to show you how becoming a best-seller is no accident, but in fact the result of meticulous planning and preparation.

Module 6 Expanding Your Launch With Contests and Promotional Partners

Building on week five’s training, you will learn how to expand the reach of your book launch – as in, driving way more sales – by leveraging human psychology and self-interest.

Creating contests and engaging promotional partners to spread your message far and wide is what makes the difference between a tepid response and a runaway best-seller; having the book that everyone is buzzing about.

I’ll show you how to structure and run contests that unleash the creative energies of your fans and how to approach and engage promotional partners who will showcase your book to their audiences. Imagine one email putting your book in front of 10,000…20,000…even 50,000+ new potential readers and fans. That is the power of contests and promotional partners.

Module 7 Profit From Back-End Products, Services and Experiences

In the final two weeks of The Author to Entrepreneur Experience we will focus on how you can build an integrated suite of products, services and experiences that expand the learning and experience your readers gained in your book, to build a 6-figure business and beyond.

Having a “back-end” to your book, even if it is fiction, makes the difference between making a few dollars per book sale and potentially making hundreds, or thousands from the readers who want to go further with you.

Learn from real-life examples from my own business, as well as countless examples from the Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press author community, on how to position your book for long-term business success.

Module 8 The Author to Entrepreneur Experience Life Cycle

As your approach the finish line of The Author to Entrepreneur Experience we will zoom out and look at the big picture of your career as an author and entrepreneur, and plan a strategic plan for the future that excites you.

Creating and launching a book is indeed a big undertaking, but it all becomes worthwhile when you have readers and clients you love, and who can’t wait to hear about what you’ll do next…and how they can be a part of it.

You will learn my signature Strategic Planning process and graduate The Author to Entrepreneur Experience with a clear understanding for your next steps and all the exciting possibilities that the future holds.

What Do I Get With The Author to Entrepreneur Experience?

When you register for The Author to Entrepreneur Experience you get to learn directly from and with me over the coming 8-weeks on exactly how to create and launch a best-selling book. We will work together, live online, taking you step-by-step through the exact process my team and I have used to publish 20+ best-selling books in the last couple years.

Furthermore, you will join a vibrant community of like-minded authors and entrepreneurs who will support you and with whom you can build long-term relationships to hold each other accountable and celebrate each other’s wins and successes.

You will also receive ALL the bonuses available for Bestseller Summit Online All Access Pass holders ($2,288 Value!).

Plus in addition to all that, you will get these exciting bonuses when you Join The Author to Entrepreneur Experience:

You Will Receive These Exclusive Bonuses…

A Free VIP Ticket to Any Upcoming AUTHOR MASTERMIND ($5,000 Value!)

At Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press, author’s success is our #1 priority!

Publishing is so personal that I find holding regular in-person Author Masterminds is one of the best ways I can support our authors and entrepreneurs.

During these exclusive Author Masterminds, the focus is on helping you break through whatever obstacle is currently in your way and unlock creative freedom that energizes you and opens new opportunities.

As a Bonus for joining The Author to Entrepreneur Experience, you will get a VIP Ticket to join me at any of our upcoming Author Masterminds. See you in the Hot Seat soon!

90-Minute Book Launch Strategy Planning Training with Jesse Krieger ($1,997 Value!)

On this 90-min interactive training we will focus on your Book Launch Strategy Plan and helping you dial-in the approach that best suits your personality and topic of your book, as well as positions you to grow your audience in the process.

Clarity Breeds Confidence – So we’re going to get you crystal clear on this call so you are confident to be your book’s best advocate and totally crush it on your book launch!

This Book Launch Strategy Training is a $1,997 value and only available within The Author to Entrepreneur Experience.

Choose Your Publishing Profit Center 90-Minute Implementation Training ($1,997 Value!)

This is where you’re going to choose the way you will generate at least $2,000 over the next 8-weeks.

On this 90-minute interactive training you will get support from myself and your fellow authors as you decide the specific ways that your book will generate at least $2,000 of new business for you over the next 8-weeks.

Imagine how great it will feel to be an author who makes money in many more ways than just book sales alone.

Having a clearly defined way for people to work with you let’s you be confident in the value you provide and know who your ideal customers are.

That’s what we’re going to accomplish on the Choose Your Publishing Profit Center training which is a $1,997 value – and keep in mind this pre-training is BEFORE we even officially begin The Author to Entrepreneur Experience so you can hit the ground running!

A Private 1-to-1 Book Launch Strategy Call with Jesse Krieger ($2,000 Value!)

This exclusive bonuses comes with a catch. As long as you complete your Book Launch Strategy Plan and choose your Publishing Profit Center – Yes, the same ones I’m going to help you create in Bonuses #2 & 3 – then you and I will get on a call and I’ll give you my personal feedback and offer suggestions to make your plan bulletproof.

I’m excited about this bonus because it gives me a chance to get to know you and your book on a 1-to-1 level and that will ultimately help make The Author to Entrepreneur Experience as valuable as possible for you.

This bonus is valued at $2,000, but it’s not uncommon to unlock ideas and strategies on these calls that can earn you tens of thousands of dollars!

Choose Any Done For You Service by the Award-Winning Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press Publishing Team ($10,000 Value!)

You get to choose ANY Done For You Service from publishing team at Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press.

Yes, the exact same team that our authors pay $25,000+ to work with and publish nationally-distributed books.

You get to choose any one of the following Done For You services:

  • Book Cover Design – Let our award winning design team DESIGN your book cover. You will get multiple ideas and as many revisions as it takes to get the PERFECT book cover.
  • Book Description Sales Copy – Have the marketing department of a nationally-distributed publishing company review your manuscript and write high-caliber sales copy for your book that will be visible on book retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
  • Interior Layout & Formatting – Let our team take all the frustrations of formatting off your plate and deliver a professionally laid out book that is publish-ready.

The Author to Entrepreneur Experience is Backed by the Only “No Author Left Behind” Guarantee Online

Listen – I believe that you deserve to be a best-selling author and I’m going to help you get there.

You deserve to have your story heard, because you never know who may read it at just the right time and change their life!

And look, I get it – I’ve gone through this process myself as an author, making every mistake in the book before publishing 50+ best-selling books, helping hundreds of authors personally and empowering tens of thousands more in my audience and author community.

That’s why I’ve created the No Author Left Behind Guarantee for you when you join The Author to Entrepreneur Experience today.

That’s right – I guarantee that when you complete The Author to Entrepreneur Experience you will have a published book. I’ll show you exactly what to do, but if you still get stuck somewhere, we will take you across the finish line and publish your book.

So now you have a guaranteed outcome when you join the Author to Entrepreneur Experience today!

What Are Authors Saying About Working With Me?

Dear Jesse,

Hiring you was by far the best decision I could have made, not only for getting my book published and ranked #1 Amazon Best Seller in 3 categories. But, also for pointing my business in the right direction and launching a new career in the second-half of my life. You introduced me to the right people, gave me powerful tools, and the confidence to step into a new chapter of my life that I am beyond delighted to be experiencing.

I’m so grateful for you and your brilliant team at Lifestyle Entrepreneur Press! Your level of care for your authors creates a sense of security and confidence to push through all the noise that tells authors they probably won’t make it in the publishing world.

Well, I made it!

I’m excited about my future serving the world with a message of healed, healthy, happy relationships. Whatever impact I have in the years to come, just know that you bear responsibility in the fruit of my ministry.

I look forward to our continued work together and friendship.“

Denise Darlene
Best-Selling Author of Real Passion Revolution

“Masterful, Knowledgeable, Reliable, Energetic, Experienced, Genuine. These are the words I would use to describe Jesse Krieger of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press. I engaged Jesse to launch my first book, Powerful Words, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. I excitedly watched on launch day as my book moved from 2500+ position in the Kindle Free Store to #258 while hitting the #1 position in two different categories.

It didn’t stop there. Now it is moving rapidly up the PAID Rankings too as he continues to manage an ongoing ad campaign. Jesse helped me get this book from rough draft to finished product in less than 8 weeks! He isn’t just a planner. He’s a doer. I will, without hesitation or reservation, recommend him to anyone who wants to get their book out into the world!”

Dr. Clark Gaither
Best-Selling Author of Powerful Words
Forthcoming Author of Reignite

“Thanks to Jesse I am now officially a bestselling author. After years of trying to publish my book The Legendary Life by myself, Jesse saved me! His Author to Entrepreneur Experience is the real deal, unlike most of the author resources out there.

Jesse took me through each individual step, from getting the book publish-ready and looking great, through to building up sales funnels, advertising and launching. He provided specific detail and support along the way, so it was a guaranteed home run.

I’ve seen him repeat this with EVERY single author he has supported! No one else has that kind of success rate. If you’re an author and want to get your message out there, look no further. I will personally guarantee you hit bestseller status if you enroll with Jesse and follow his teachings.

Daniel Munro
Best-Selling Author of The Legendary Life and Nothing to Lose

“I came across Jesse and Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press at a time when I was floundering with the best way to publish and promote a book I had just finished writing.

From the moment I started working with Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press I knew I had made the right decision. Not only did we achieve the #1 best selling book and hottest new release in three separate categories in Amazon, but Jesse managed to make this happen as part of a pre-launch before the book was even available for sale!

The best part of all is that this is just the beginning. Not only has Jesse helped to turn me into a #1 best selling author, he has helped to give me a framework around building a business and lifestyle from.”

Michael Atma
Best-Selling Author of Master Your Mindspace

“To my dear friend and publisher, Jesse Krieger – thank you for your unending faith in this project, your patience with me, your hand holding with me during my scary times, and your celebrations with me during my happy times. I literally could not have done this without you and your amazing team.”

Katie Soy
Best-Selling Author of The Fenix Projects

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90-Minute Book Launch Strategy Planning Training with Jesse Krieger ($1,997 Value)

Choose Your Publishing Profit Center 90-Minute Implementation Training ($1,997 Value)

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