Complete a Book You Will Be Proud of For Years to Come

Part 1 – Content Frameworks & Book Structuring Strategy

In this training you will learn the many different ways to create your book’s manuscript. This is where all great best-sellers begin; words on a page and the stories in between the lines.

You will learn how to outline and structure your book to make the writing process effortless, as well as the many tactics and strategies I put into place with Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press authors such as interviews, which are transcribed and edited to become nearly-complete book content.

Part 2 – Content Creation Jiujitsu and Building Out Your Manuscript.

Using these strategies you will be able to reduce the time to write your book by 50% or more and understand how to create 2,000+ words of book-ready content in around 30-minutes per day.

Then you will learn how to leverage support like transcriptionists, editors and team members to build out your working manuscript and complete a professional quality book.